We know how you feel…

Everyone who has dared to live an adventure like the one you are about to start has always felt the same. Maybe it’s not the best time … I don’t know if I’m ready … It’s too radical … Ultimately: fear. Fear of change, fear of the unknown. 

But that’s exactly what this journey is about: facing your internal barriers. And the most complicated barrier, the one that’s going to take the most work, is the one that you’re about to face right now: the first step. Accepting that you want to embark on a trip like this and that there’s no turning back.

Because there’s one thing that we can assure you of: this journey will change your life. It will open up your mind and make you rediscover your limits. You’ll get closer to the best version of yourself.

The next step is the first meeting with your ROVER. You’ll receive all the information via email in the next few minutes. And lastly, to show you how dedicated we are to your transformation, we’ll leave you with a document with all the scientific information that we’ve used to meticulously create our program, the methodology on which we base the design of each adventure and journey.

5 scientific reasons that will make this the trip of your life.