Take a step forward into a limitless experience

We develop a new version of everyone.

OVER ROVE is a trip into the unknown to get to know yourself within.
A  transformational adventure where we help the brave adventures to re-discover their true potential.

Travel to a destination you’ve never seen before
Our adventures take place in a place unknown to you until the day of the trip; a location carefully chosen to create the most transformative adventure with the greatest impact.
Personalized ONE on ONE monitoring program
Our guides create custom programs, in which they also serve as guides and make sure that the adventurer lives the experience as fiercely as possible.
Challenges designed to break physical and mental barriers
We put our travelers to the test. We design a collection of physical challenges that will allow them to re- discover their physical and mental limitations.
“The biggest steps aren’t so difficult if you know the way. To live outside our comfort zone transforms us, molds us, and it gives us a new perspective.”
During OVER TRIP you live experiences in incredible places. Experiences that force you to step out of your comfort zone. And all thanks to a system of personal empowerment that allows you to knock down physical and mental barriers; converting the participant into someone more aware of their innate abilities yet to be awakened. And all of this with one goal: connect with all of our potential. Unleash that internal self with the ability to do anything that we propose. The achieving self. This experience marks a before and after. But to get there, you have to dare to take the leap.

An incredible adventure
into the unknown

Where you face obstacles
and challenges to get to
know yourself better

A custom-designed

OVER ROVE is a holistic and global experience in which we will work on mind, body, and spirit.
Through a 1-on-1 system created to maximize impact and experiences in the designated destination, restless people who embark on this adventure will live a unique experience of unlimited personal growth. Thanks to a series of preliminary self-knowledge exercises, we create a high-intensity program tailored to the client, who will carry it out with the support of one of our ROVERS at all times.
We guarantee:

We’ll take the client to a place
they’ve never been to.


We’ll follow a verified program that includes
more than 14h of 1 to 1 monitoring.


We’ll design challenges in which we immerse
the client in experiences and adventures.

A 1 week experience communicating with locals and
without electronic connections and devices.

Self-reflection that allows you to
be conscious of our world.

ROVER, the adventure guide.
“You will never be alone”
The ROVER is a person who studies, designs, and guides the adventure from beginning to end. They will take you to the known as well as the unknown.
The ROVER is the guide that accompanies and monitors the program, ensuring the client’s well-being, and completing all the necessary activities to achieve the goal of the trip, right alongside the adventurer. They are responsible for making sure that you live the experience to the fullest.
Our ROVER are adventurers (experts) with experience in journeys that have the power to transform. For years they have explored or lived in different parts of the world, learning and developing themselves personally. They are in charge of challenging the client and taking them outside of their comfort zone.
The possession of necessary and specific cultivated qualities to connect and empathize with our clients gives us a unique capacity to develop and lead the OVER ROVE program. They provide us with the necessary tools to experience the journey in the most impactful and transformative way.
The OVER ROVE program is made up of 3 parts:
“You will never be alone”
  • We exhaustively analyze the client’s current situation, understanding their motivation to embark on this journey and discovering what they need.
  • We guide them through self-knowledge exercises so that we’re able to create a personalized adventure.
  • We chose a destination according to the needs of the custom adventure.
  • We design a travel plan 100% adapted to the client, including specific challenges to overcome fears and internal limitations.
“Exploring the unknown”
  • After discovering and arriving at the destination where the experience will take place, the adventure begins.
  • Upon arrival, the traveler will receive a travel journal that they will consult during their stay. They must complete daily challenges and specific actions that they will find indicated in the travel journal.
  • We will work on the emotional as well as the spiritual through reflection and meditation.
  • The ROVER or guide, accompanied by the adventurer at all times, completes all the program’s physical and psychological challenges.
  • They will also provide the necessary guidelines for self-reflection and communication.
  • And all this in a remote environment that allows the adventurer to deeply live the experience, thanks to coming into contact with the local community.
“Return to the ordinary”
  • The experience doesn’t end with the trip. At OVER ROVE we make sure that the transformation lasts after the return to the day-to-day routine.
  • Our travelers will complete 3 post-experience sessions with their ROVER.
  • Together they will complete a comprehensive evaluation and reflection of the lived experience.
  • We find the best ways to solidify all the knowledge gained from the transformation, so the client can put it into practice on a daily basis.
Types of Over Rove

We offer two different types of personalized high-intensity programs: individual or in a group. Travel to an incredible place, connect with remote environments and learn different ways to understand the world, that’s our guarantee.
The decision is if you’ll do it alone or with company.


For those looking for an individualized program adapted to their needs. For those brave adventurers who want to face the unknown alone, to challenge themselves and really get to know who they are.

The OVER TRIP option is a transformational individual format in which the ROVER guides you and helps you transform yourself.


For those who believe in synergy and group learning. The OVER GROUP option is designed to live the experience as a small group starting at 2 people.

As a social person, you benefit from the experiences, circumstances and reflections of each member of the group to enhance the path towards a better version of yourself.