About us
The mission of OVER ROVE is to help participants break physical, mental, and spiritual barriers. Which means, we want to empower people. Our vision is to be a world-renowned model in the new field of transformational travel.
Our values
We want the highest quality in everything that we do.
Personal Growth
We bet on the development of human abilities.
We are moved by the discovery of new places and experiences.
Break Barriers
We surpass the limits to create unique experiences.
We feel obligated to constant improvement.
Social Commitment
We play our part by benefiting local families.
A bit of wildness makes things more interesting.
We understand people so that we can give them what they need.
Innovation + Differentiation
We’re unique and adaptable.

With nonconformity comes the desire to discover the beyond; To explore new places and to compare them with what we knew before and how we lived before; Not to follow the rules pre-established by society but to follow the path our intuition guides us on.

With this mentality, we’ve explored the world, lived with tons of different cultures, lived all types of experiences, and most importantly — we’ve transformed and become better people. They say that when you come back from a transformational trip, you feel like everyone in your city has changed, but really the one who has changed is you.

This is the common denominator for all the members of the team since unique travels and experiences have changed our perception of the world.

Now we’ve synthesized and taken the best of our knowledge and experiences, and we want you to live these experiences too.

“Not to follow the rules pre-established by society but to follow the path our intuition guides us on”

Adventurer, athlete, and tireless explorer. He studied the Science of Physical Activity and Sport, and since he was very little he knew that nothing made him happier than exploring and going just a little bit farther.

The curiosity and the desire to learn inspired him to embark on a 20-month journey around the world where he lived amazing and singular experiences.

A specialist in creating unique moments difficult to repeat, there’s nothing that he likes more than pushing people beyond their limits.


Uncompromising empath, adventurer, and spiritual apprentice. He has traveled half the world looking for the meaning of life. An expert in empathizing and empowering others.

He embarked on an incredible experience living and working in China for 5 years, learning and immersing himself in the culture.

Adventurer of special corners and singular moments.