Frequent asked question (FAQs)

There is no minimum time.  From the time that confirms your trip there’s a lot of work and a series of preliminary steps that we need to complete so we can make sure that your trip is incredible. First, we’ll do a series of tests to define what type of experience is best for you, and the most suitable location. Even though we’re flexible, we recommend that you reserve your experience at least 4 months in advance of the departure date. 
The participation dates. As a participant, you should have a strong desire to embark on a transformational adventure, and have the best attitude possible. Once you have that clarity and motivation, tell us the dates you’re available to travel — and we’ll do the rest.
We choose for you. There’s nothing more in line with the spirit of adventure and exploration than an element of surprise. Based on preliminary tests that we ask you to complete, we’ll get the information that will help us choose a place that you’ve never been to, where we can create a unique experience tailored just for you.
For almost everyone. We believe that the most important thing is a positive attitude and an openness to new things and overcoming yourself. All experiences will be adapted to the appropriate intensity for each person. If you’re a restless person who wants to discover the world and yourself, and you have a strong desire to learn and grow — this experience is for you. 
Over Trip and Over Group. Over Trip: This is a trip that you will do exclusively with your Rover, who will always be there to guide you on this incredible experience. It will focus 100% on you and your needs as a person. Over Group: A trip in a group of a maximum of 4 people that already know each other, where you go to an unknown place with a personalized program — always beside your Rover. In addition to working on yourself, you’ll learn how to work with others.
No, we take care of everything. You’ll only need the contact information of someone close to you, so they can help us with certain details about the trip — that way it’s a complete surprise. The only thing that you’ll have to do is complete all the preliminary activities that Over Rove will send you.
Over Rove isn’t just a transformational challenge but a process that starts much earlier than the Over Trip and ends long after the journey is finished. The average duration of the process is about 6 months. The cost of any Over Rove experience is a minimum of 3.499 euros. The final price will depend on the destination, activities, duration of activities, mode of travel, logistics to carry out the trip, the cost of the transformational program, and the Rover who travels with you.
Once you fill out the form on our website, we’ll get in contact with you to explain the details and clarify any doubts that you may have. At that time, we’ll get an idea about your needs and what it is you’re looking for, and we’ll see if you’re a possible candidate. If you are, we’ll send you a proposal with the total cost of the experience.
The adventure begins! Once you’ve booked your trip, well get to work completing a series of tests to define your personalized Over Rove. This is the moment we start creating a unique and extremely transformative experience.
The Rovers are people who are there to help you at every step and guide you through the most difficult moments. They are individuals who have lived this experience and they want to help others live it too.
We know that the lessons and experiences you have outside of your comfort zone are much more intense and more useful. It’s a program that’s specific to each participant, where we work together intensely so that you gain understanding and reach conclusions that will ultimately give you the tools to implement these lessons in your day to day life. The program makes you work physically, but also mentally and spiritually.

You’ll learn, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll get excited, you’ll discover, you’ll explore, you’ll get tired, you’ll lose hope, you’ll have fun, you’ll fall, you’ll get back up, and most of all — you’ll live like you’ve never lived before. You’ll break all your barriers.

Through these incredible and unique experiences, you’ll find yourself in situations that will make you get to know yourself better and really discover that you’re capable of doing much more than you ever thought you could.

We unequivocally that there is no other experience out there in which you’ll learn and experience as much as you will do in less time.
During the experience, mobile phones and any other form of outside communication that can hinder the experience are not allowed. Family members and loved ones will have the phone number of the Rover, who will be with the participant during the entire experience, reachable in case of an emergency.
At Over Rove we work with the best local partners and professionals to ensure that every activity we do is controlled and under the supervision of experts. The participant will never be alone since the Rover accompanies them at all times, and will have the supervision and logistic support of experts in each of the areas we work in.
Anytime you travel to a foreign country you should get travel insurance, if required will take care of all the private insurance contracting procedures.
Without a doubt, the most important thing you should know before embarking on this incredible experience is that you’ll need the right attitude and an openness to change.